About ERAShuttle

ERA SHUTTLE (Accelerating ERA by Sharing Unique Talents for healThy Life and Environment) is a collaborative initiative designed to enhance research and innovation (R&I) capacity within the European Research Area (ERA), with a particular emphasis on benefiting Widening countries, including Poland, Croatia, and Malta.

The Project

The project brings together leading research universities from Widening countries with underdeveloped R&I landscapes and strong non-academic institutions and associations from non-Widening countries, fostering a collaborative environment to eliminate existing barriers and work toward a common objective. By offering training and secondment opportunities that celebrate diversity, ERA SHUTTLE aims to develop core capacities, exchange expertise, and support industry-research needs through the exchange of ideas.​

Key Objectives

Strengthening R&I support capacities in the ERA

Boosting cross-sectoral collaboration and knowledge sharing

Enhancing the attractiveness of regional R&I ecosystems

Utilising R&I excellence and knowledge valorisation for societal and economic impact

The project aims to identify research institutions’ strengths and weaknesses, improve research conditions, and attract and retain top research and innovation talent in the participating Widening countries. Through a structured framework for cross-sectoral collaboration, ERA SHUTTLE aims to facilitate talent mobility between academic and non-academic sectors, fostering an evolutionary leap in collaboration between academia and business.

ERA SHUTTLE is funded under the Horizon programme and is set to make significant contributions to advancing R&I capacity and addressing societal challenges within the ERA. The project’s activities are aligned with the European Industrial Strategy and the European Skills Agenda, supporting R&I talents from Widening countries in increasing their capacity and widening their skill set to enhance research excellence, knowledge valorisation, and cross-sectoral collaboration.