University of Split (Croatia)

The University of Split stands as a prominent scientific and teaching institution in the Croatian Adriatic and the Mediterranean region. It is composed of eleven faculties, Academy of Arts and four University Departments with a diverse range of disciplines including natural sciences, biomedical research, cultural studies, social sciences and engineering. As the lead partner, the university plays a central role in overseeing the overall project management and coordination (WP1).

University of Gdansk (Poland)

The University of Gdańsk (UG) is the largest university in the Pomorskie Region in Poland. The International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science (ICCVS) at UG has been established in 2017 to become a centre of excellence that conducts interdisciplinary research focused on therapy of cancer. ICCVS has been co-funded by a 12 m EUR investment from EU Structural Funds and has gained further research projects from EU and national funds. Research approaches at ICCVS include a range of diverse scientific technologies that are applied to discovery research at the immune-cancer synapse, including molecular biology, mass spectrometry, virology, computational science, synthetic biologics, cancer biology, and immune-biology. Currently, the work is concentrated on the development of personalized vaccine against non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

In the Era Shuttle project, the University of Gdańsk leads WP4 (Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer for Attracting and Retaining Talents), focusing on capacity building and knowledge transfer to enhance the project’s impact in Widening countries.

University of Malta

The University of Malta is a key partner in the project, and is the lead of WP2 (ERA Cross-Sectoral Framework for Advancing Cross-Sectoral Collaboration). The university’s expertise in cross-sectoral collaboration and R&I resources mapping contributes to the project’s objectives.

Schiller & Mertens GBR

Schiller & Mertens are ScientistsNeedMore! They will provide to the project their expertise on career development and on artificial intelligence (AI). AI will support Cross-Sectoral R & I Talent Development in workpackage 3 (WP3, lead ScientistsNeedMore!).

In WP3, talents together with ScientstsNeedMore! will introspect their interests and plan their development with support from AI using custom AI ChatBots and local large language models (LLMs). Widening their horizons!

Steinbeis Wissens Und Technologietransfer GMBH

Steinbeis is a significant partner contributing with expertise in technology transfer and knowledge valorisation, supporting the project’s objectives related to cross-sectoral collaboration and talent circulation.

Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium (CERIC-ERIC)

CERIC is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) integrating and providing open access to some of the most advanced analytical facilities in Europe to help science and industry advance in all fields of materials, biomaterials, and nanotechnology. It leads WP5 (Monitoring and Evaluation), providing its expertise to assess the project’s outcomes and impact.

Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals

ASTP brings expertise in science and technology transfer, supporting the project’s objectives related to cross-sectoral collaboration and knowledge valorisation.


AcrossLimits plays a crucial role in the dissemination, communication and exploitation of the project and its results, leading WP6, enhancing the project’s visibility and impact.